MLK Day 2019


Orca Rises Up by Nuurdiin Hassan

On January 18 2019, Orca observed MLK day. People were singing at the assembly. The assembly theme was “When we Dare to Dream.” We marched and there were police all around us. I felt safe because there were people all around to protect us. This was the first time I ever marched, and it felt good. We gave out food to the community through Rainier Valley Food Bank. You can donate any food to the homeless at the food bank.

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When We Dare to Dream 

Student Interviews by Aliah, Kat, and Sophia, Compiled by Lisl Stadler (KVRU radio programmer):

The Southeast Seattle local radio station, KVRU 105.7, trained a few Orca students to use professional recording equipment during the march, so that students could interview each other, as well as teachers and family members. Here are a few highlights from the conversations that took place:

Q: Why do you think MLK Day is important?

A: Dr. Martin Luther King Day means protesting for justice and showing that we care about the Civil Rights Movement. He fought to stop segregation, and if segregation was still going on, African Americans would get less education and less freedom.

— Samara (8th Grade) and Rodjane (8th Grade)

It’s showing we love him, and we’re doing the same thing [as him].

— Aniyah (2nd Grade)

A: You can see a lot of people here came together to celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy, and to me Dr. King was just a great man.

— Owen (Orca parent)

Q: Why do you think we march?

A: To celebrate the people.

— Lachlan (1st Grade)

A: I think we march as a way to both remember Martin Luther King’s legacy, and to remember and like realize that the Civil Rights movement was the just the beginning. There’s still social problems going on, and what’s happened in the 60’s inspiring us to take action now.

— Unknown

A: Racial justice, yeah, pretty much. MLK’s dream is coming true here at Orca. But it isn’t the best school ever…

— Bobby (5th Grade)

Q: What do you think is the main point that we’re trying to get across?

A: That we all matter, that we all belong together, and that we all need each other.

— Donte (Orca Head Teacher)

A: We are trying to bring the world together to make the world a more just and fair place.

— Ms. Lissa (4th Grade teacher)

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