Jimi Hendrix Exhibit

On Thursday, December 6th, Mr. Bey’s Social Justice Academy visited the Bold as Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home exhibit at the NW African American museum. Article and Photos by Kaleb Kalkidan (8th), Naylani Mwamba-Hunter (8th), Heaven Donalson (8th)


What I thought about Jimi Hendrix before the trip was that he was an artist with drug abuse issues who died at a young age. After the field trip I realized that he had way more of a back-story to him, he was born in Seattle, and he also went to Garfield high school so he was one of us.

Overtime he started to become more passionate about his music and he dropped out of high school to follow his dream of becoming a rock star. He also felt that he was not accepted at his school because of racism. The museum showed his home life, with him, his mom and five siblings growing up without a dad. I can relate to him because he did not have a father figure in his life. I feel like I’m not the only one who can relate, but also most black children also could relate because it is a true stereotype for a lot of us. Just knowing that Jimi Hendrix went through what I go through makes me feel like if he could pursue his dreams, I can pursue my dreams too.



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