Welcome to Orca where We All Belong.

48416316_729563224084606_589431583602114560_nHello my name is Claudio Herrera Acosta. I want to help people. If they’re struggling in class then we can take them to chill out, and so they can get ready to learn. My interests are helping and playing basketball. I have been using a computer since kindergarten. I use technology 24 seven. This is my second year at orca and I’m in 7th grade. I love school because I get to learn and some people don’t get the chances I get, so I choose to learn and be smart.

Hello my name is Nuurdiin Hassan. I love school because I have friends and there are amazing teachers here. The teachers are respectful because they give you chances. At other schools they don’t give you a chance, and they thought I was a bad kid. I’m not a bad kid though because I’m making this website to change the world. My hobby is playing basketball to cool me down and focus, like sometimes if I’m angry. I’m up for learning and in the future I want to make younger kids be inspired by my past to do great in school.


Hello my name is Musa Fofana and I’m a leader because we made this website to help people achieve their goals. Thank you and I hope you can come to orca and do all the fun stuff with us. see you soon.

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